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Four Go-To Hat Hairstyles with Handcrafted Hatbands

four hat hairstyle

Look your best for any occasion- whether you’re in the saddle or out on the town– with these four go-to hat hairstyles! 

From the ranch to rendezvous, nothing completes your look like a cowboy hat– especially a hat with a handcrafted hat band. Elevate your style even more with the most complimentary hairstyle to your fit. 


1. Messy Bun

messy bun hat hairstyle

We all know that get-the-job-done bun. It’s hot, we’re working, and we need our hair out of our faces. It holds up to work those snorty colts or muck a stall and is cute enough to run to town after. Pull your hair back and let your feathered hat band do the talking!

2. Hair Down and Curled

hair curled hat hairstyle

Woo-wee! Us cowgirls sure can clean up good! Curling your hair immediately dresses up your fit. It’s a look made specifically for date nights, going out, or just when we need a pick-me-up. Pair with a hat medallion to make a statement! It's our cowgirl version of a crown. 

3. Pigtail Braids

pigtail braids hat hairstyle

Have a day full of work? Pigtail braids should be your go-to. A timeless classic. They look great underneath a cowboy hat, especially when that hat is adorned with a feathered hatband. Its versatility will take you from the farmer's market to sipping coffee at a campfire-- and it's just in time for the latest trend of coastal cowgirl-core. 

4. Side Braid

side braid hat hairstyle

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s flawless. A side braid-- our personal favorite go-to. It's candidly simple to give the effect you spent time on your hair that morning. Pull your hat medallion to the side of your hat for an automatic new way to wear it!

Don’t underestimate the power of your hair. It can pull a whole look together in seconds! Base your hat accessory on your hair or base your hair on your hat accessory. The options are endless! 

Happy styling, cowgirls!